Silverglade is town in Rhodanthus famous for its massive brewery. The town’s population is about 23,000, and the majority of the people who live are farmers by trade, growing barley, corn, and wheat so that the town can produce (and therefore export) more of its famous Silverglade Lager. The town sits in the middle of Rhodanthus’s southeastern grasslands.

The town maintains a small militia of about 60 men, but they are not very well-trained. Monster attacks are not common in the southeast region of Rhodanthus, and Silverglade isn’t close enough to any borders to worry about being invaded.

The Silverglade Brewery stands proudly in the center of the town, attached to a pub called the Liquid Loaf. The pub is run by the brewmaster himself, a man named Jan Krakauer. He is assisted by his daughter, Hilda.

Silverglade uses a ‘town council’ style of government, but there really isn’t much to govern in this small farming town: due to travelers coming through to see the famous brewery, and exporting so much lager, the town prospers.


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