Rosantha is the capital city of Rhodanthus, and the second largest city in Silurnia. Its population is about 2 million.

Rosantha is a diverse city, located about 700 miles north-northeast of Rhodanthus’s geographical center. Its populace is comprised of about 70% humans, 5% fey races (elves, eladrin, gnome), about 20% mountainous races (dwarves, goliaths, dragonborn), with the remaining population being made of less common races such as tieflings, genasi, deva, aasimar, and others.

Few fey decide to settle in Rosantha as a result of a much more suitable home for these forest-dwelling races: Steeltimber Thicket.

At the center of the city lies Castle Rosantha, considered by most to be a rather modest dwelling by the typical standards of monarchs. Its most distinguishing feature is a massive tower known as the Scarlet Spire, constructed by an archmage centuries ago. While the castle grounds are open to the public, only members of the rotating lordships (i.e., participants of the most recent Tournament of the Crimson Crown) are permitted entry to the Spire.

As is typical with most vast urban cityscapes, the living conditions of the common folk gradually deteriorate in proportion to the distance to the noble quarters that lie at the center of the town. While those in the proverbial shadow of the city’s wide, clay-red walls enjoy virtually undisturbed peace due to large royal guard emplacements, those who live beyond the walls’ shadows are subjected to the privilege of sleeping in the slums.

There are no specific laws denoting different districts in Rosantha, and so citizens are free to travel virtually anywhere in the city without harassment (at least from the guards). Instead, as a result of the circular construction of the city, the locals refer to different “rings” of the city as different neighborhoods. For example, the outermost ring is referred to Shadewall, and one might give directions to an inn in West Shadewall.

The five rings of Rosantha are:
  • Shadewall – The ring closest to the wall. The relative peace enjoyed here has led to the creation of several arcane academies and divine seminaries. Most students live here, as do many members of the middle class. Many craftsmen set up shop here due to the difficulty of obtaining shop space in the third ring, Spiresight.
  • Brightband – This ring is loosely defined by locals as the ring that begins where the shadows of the walls don’t touch, but it is easy to tell when you’ve reached Brightband because of the rampant poverty and slum-level tenements. Crime is rampant here, and many locals regard outsiders with utter contempt, proudly branding themselves as “Brightbanders.”
  • Spiresight – The merchant district, where many vendors sell wide varieties of items, magic and mundane alike. Many ‘import’ items from Shadewall vendors, drastically marking up prices in the process. There is also housing for upper-middle class and upper non-noble class citizens. Merchant families carry more political sway than most nobles here.
  • Paradise Hallows – Quarters for the rotating nobles, this district is especially in flux during years immediately following the Tournament, as landscapers are hired with royal funds to accommodate the new lords’ wishes on an individual basis. There is also room for several nobles appointed directly by the current monarch on a merit basis. Brightbanders sarcastically refer to this place as “Parasite Hollows”.
  • Redtower – The castle and the immediate grounds surrounding it.


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