Rhodanthus is the largest nation on the continent of Silurnia. It has a population of roughly 10 million sentient humanoids. Its capital city is Rosantha, which supports nearly 20% of the entire country’s population. The nation’s borders enclose a little more than 4 million square miles.

Rhodanthus is noted for its unique geography. It has coasts only along its southeastern edge, and its borders are protected by thick, jagged mountains along the country’s western and northern boundaries. It is virtually impervious to invasion along these fronts for this reason, save for a small break in the mountain range along the northeastern border to Ordovicia.

Rhodanthus sports a generally temperate climate. In the more elevated regions near the mountainous borders, the climate tends to be cooler. From these regions deciduous forests begin to sprout, culminating in the thickest forest on the continent, Steeltimber Thicket.

In the southeastern regions, the forest thins out. Flat grassland encompasses the rest of the land, all the way out to the coast.

In the southwestern regions, arid climates pervade the wastelands, known as the location of fallen Bael Turath, the Turathi Barrens.

Politically, Rhodanthus has typically had good relations with their northern neighbor, Ordovicia. A small war broke out between the two nations three centuries ago when King Dreifax the Mad got offended by the Ordovician Chancellor’s offering of pickled snowberries, an Ordovician delicacy with an unusual taste. Rhodanthus’s armies were quickly pushed back by the well-trained troops of Grand General Istvan Sevchenko, but due to the harsh conditions at the northeastern border the two armies sat in stalemate for nearly 20 years until after a new Tournament was held. The new King, Sigurd the Kind, quickly extended an offer of peace to Ordovicia, and the two countries have been allies ever since.

Rhodanthus’s western neighbor, the Feng Empire, has always been plotting to somehow overthrow Rhodanthus and gain its expansive territory and vast resources. Due to the nigh-impassable western border, however, the Empire has had little to do but bide its time, and wait for some kind of strategic opening since it doesn’t have the resources to circumnavigate the continent for a naval assault.


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