Rhodan is a major deity whose worshippers are largely concentrated in the kingdom of Rhodanthus. He is also known as the Ruby Warrior, the Crimson Colossus, or simply the Colossus. He is credited with the creation of the human race, although other races are drawn to Rhodan’s virtues of protecting the weak.

Rhodan’s beliefs are similar to Bahamut’s, except Rhodan specifically regards law with contempt because it sometimes keeps the greatest good from being executed. As such, the kind of government that Rhodan favors is not one of written law but rather the spoken command of a powerful champion of good.

Rhodan holds strength as the ultimate virtue, and warns his followers that only the powerful can rule, be it from physical prowess or magical mastery. The forces of good must be strong in order to combat the forces of evil. Even if there is no immediate threat to the forces of good, he advocates endlessly strengthening oneself for the moment when evil surfaces. Rhodan warns his followers that good will never simply win on its own merits, and that evil will prevail if the followers of good are not powerful enough.

Rhodan advocates the complete eradication of intentional evil. Rhodan’s followers have permission (at least from him) to kill those that willingly participate in evil acts so long as they are completely positive that person is guilty. Not every act merits this sort of immediate execution, however. Rhodan is very forgiving of unintentional evil, such as a child who doesn’t know better, or a soldier who kills innocents under the command of a brutal general.

Acts that merit Rhodan’s swift judgment include:
  • Oppressing a great number of people by abusing one’s power
  • Killing without the intent to protect oneself or another
  • Manipulating people into performing very evil acts

The religion that encompasses worshipping Rhodan and upholding the his tenets is led by the Order of Rhodan, which bases its actions on the wisdom contained within The Scarlet Tome.

Whereas most deities have an origin story, tales regarding the birth of Rhodan are conspicuously absent. This tends not to be questioned by followers of the Order of Rhodan, as their mentality is to focus on improving the present instead of dwelling on the past.


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