Order of Rhodan

The Order of Rhodan is responsible for upholding the teachings of Rhodan as detailed in The Scarlet Tome. It was founded in the year A.S. 32 by the first Patriarch, Vercintus.

The Order is exclusively comprised of powerful clerics, paladins, avengers, and invokers of Rhodan. While there are many priests of Rhodan who maintain regular worship, the Order is designed to act as a elite body to carry out Rhodan’s will in exceptional circumstances.

The Order acts as a sort of supplemental government to the monarchy of Rhodanthus. It acts with the intent to punish and destroy evil that cannot be handled by commoners. Its members, aside from those on specific missions, spend rotations of two weeks working in the field (either aiding commoners with tasks or fighting against local evils like bandits or oppressive landlords) followed by one week of intense training.

The current Patriarch of the Order is Sergius. Each Patriarch is required to retire the moment he believes there is another within the Order more fit to carry out his duties, and in the event of death the new Patriarch is chosen democratically. The duties include the organization and direction of the four divisions but mostly acts as a charismatic leader in order to rally his subordinates.

One of the Order’s most important duties is the organization of the Tournament of the Crimson Crown, as it is primarily responsible for the king’s coronation. The Order administers the trials to determine worthy participants and decides the format of the Tournament.

The Order’s resources are vast, as they have the authority to levy a separate tax from the government. They only tax the wealthy, and even then they only tax a reasonable amount. Because of this the Order is widely hailed as host of heroes who protect the people for asking so little in return. In fact, the coffers of the Order are not filled by these taxes; rather it is the profits from eradicating evil lords and disenchanting the gear of evil warriors that make the order so wealthy. The Order is not prone to lavish spending, and will often return taxes back to the wealthy if they can make a suitable raid against an evil force.

The Order is split into several divisions:

Order of Rhodan

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