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Twelve Heavenly Paces of Rhodan

In the year A.S. 1431, preparations for the 29th Tournament of the Crimson Crown are underway. In two years the next king will be chosen, but he will not be crowned because of the blood that flows within him. It is only after demonstrating his inexhaustible valor by winning the Tournament that a man can claim the throne of Rhodanthus.

Only the strongest warriors are granted the right to participate in the Tournament, and this privilege is obtained by taking the Pilgrimage of Twelve Paces. Only by visiting twelve hallowed sites – the very twelve paces that Rhodan himself made before striking down Sthenys – can a man acquire the blessing from the Order of Rhodan required to enter the Tournament.

Our heroes are five such pilgrims. Seeking the throne, they have individually begun the arduous trek to the first holy site. By simple coincidence they have gathered in the small town of Silverglade, two weeks from their first destination.

What event could draw these five destined souls together as comrades? Is Fate herself conspiring for these warriors to look upon each other as allies? Sharing a common goal, can they travel knowing that they must eventually fight against their friends in the Tournament?

The setting of the Twelve Paces campaign makes assumptions that differ from the standard Dungeons and Dragons 4th edition Points of Light setting. While they share many similarities, there are important differences that you should take into account before creating a character. These differences are detailed here.

Main Page

Twelve Heavenly Paces of the Colossus Ostrakon