Hilda Krakauer

Daughter of Jan the Brewmaster, this 14-year-old girl knows more about beer than most men.


level 1 minion


Beloved daughter of Jan Krakauer, Hilda grew up in the Silverglade brewery, learning the secrets of her father’s trade. She is an only child, and since her mother died from illness 6 years ago (and as her father shows no intent to remarry), she fully intends on inheriting the brewery from her father.

While her father insists on sticking to their ancestral recipe, Hilda insists on experimenting, often with disastrous results. She has, however, engineered a masterwork stout she calls a ‘King Gimler’, after the dwarven king who gave her great-great-grandfather the recipe for the ultimate lager.

Hilda Krakauer

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